The Original Free Dog, 2008-2023

Free Dog Wines is about making wine simple and easy to drink on any day.

We have to make hard decisions every day as adults, like whether or not to get out of bed, if you have the money for a pizza night, or should we say something to the person in front of you that just cut in line. With all this hullabaloo in life, finding a wine should be a simple process. Do we really need to read through two paragraphs of descriptions from a sommelier in some wine publishing company to know if a wine would go with our ramen noodle dinner? What the hell does it mean when it says, “tastes of river rock” or “kaleidoscopically combines moss, wet stone, gentian, buddleia, coriander, pepper, piquant yet rich nut oils, and a saline clam broth”?

Finding a wine should not be this hard!

Wine should easily flow with the moment like your furry baby coming to snuggle with you while you’re looking at social media on your phone or sharing photos of them while out with friends. It shouldn’t make you wish you had a degree in smelling or that you have to look up a word online because no one uses “unctuous” in everyday chats. Free Dog Wines is trying to make these decisions easier so you can spend more time at dinner sipping your wine and petting your dog than wondering if the wine goes with leftover food night or not.