The Howlers

For $18.00 a month, choose one (1) bottle of dry white wine from our current lineup. Make sure you stay alert to the subscription only classes, pairings, etc. that will be coming your way!

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The Houndstooth

For $24.00 a month, a Houndstooth member will receive one (1) bottle from our current line-up of stellar red wines and can join in on experiences that they will relive over and over.

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The Underdogs

Every month for $18.00, Underdogs everywhere can pick a lovely, sweet wine of their choosing from our current lineup and dash into special classes, pairings and other experiences that will leave you feeling super.

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The Cosmopawlitan

Once a month, you can pick up two (2) bottles (1 white, 1 red) for just $42.00 from our lineup of current wines and access to fetching experiences. Now this is a value that you can take to the park!

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