Pack Reservations

want to bring 7 or More Hoomans to try us out?

You are more than welcome to bring your pack with you! We just ask that you let us know ahead of time that you plan on coming! We would like everyone to enjoy their visit to our tasting room, so being prepared helps us do just that! No matter if you’re coming by limo, in different personal vehicles, a gaggle of bikes or even a bus, please give us at least a 48 hour notice, preferably !

The more further ahead the reservation is, the better prepared we are for your group as it  allows us time to work out a specific team member to handle your tasting and perhaps a separate space. The person reserving for the group will also be charged a one-time $20 tasting fee for the entire group at the time of the reservation.





For large parties (10 or more) or special requests, please contact us directly at (707) 576-8080 or